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It is possible to succeed(study of six cases)


It is possible to succeed (study of six cases), cliff wane Bestseller


Expected to be launched by April 2014




I would like to encourage my friends from Australia, New Zealand and the USA to pick even one copy of this inspiring book. In way to have a clear idea on what is actually inside, have a look on:


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I wish I were thinker…


·         Today, I am working; tomorrow, I am not sure


·         I am married today; divorce is around my couple


·         I am a ruler today; I am not sure to keep this position tomorrow


·         I truly love today; strangely, hatred, deception and betrayal are around


·         I am poor today; it is possible to be millionaire tomorrow


·         I am millionaire today; poverty is around


·         I am a single parent today; things can change tomorrow


·         I am poor but I love that lady; unfortunately, she is a millionaire” I am not sure to convince her”


·         I am already millionaire, but I still single; should I get a rich/poor wife?


·         I am a dreamer today; tomorrow, people will follow my example


·         I am driving «fuel” today; if things do not work, will I drive again?


·         Today rejection follows me; strangely I have got something to sustain my life; what could happen if I was so desperate? So, my relatives and friends seem to be my enemies; I should do my best in order to fully succeed


·         Pain and cry are close to me; joy and success are around


·         I can smile today; stress and cry are still around


 Life is so wonderful, but people do not realize that things happen according to what they have. Single parents face challenges according to their status, and married couples experience as well tremendous situations. In other words, it is advisable to pave the way for better future. If today, close friends tell you about everything special, be sure that tomorrow is another day. “Do not worry, moon and sun will be yours; sure?”


How to face what is expected to come?


Any jolt does not jolt, except ignorance. As soon as you are aware of what is expected to come, dramatically change of things will no longer affect you.


 However, everything is possible to who fully committed to achieve some goals; no matter circumstances.


I remember when I was working for a corporation; suddenly, colleagues plot in way to freeze every opportunity because I was so prosperous with every kind of project.


 It was really unfair to use such strategy in order to topple me from my position; however, I have decided to spend more time on my projects, which were related to CWConsulting.


In way to emphasize this matter, you should mention that things change, improve and disappear; so, be ready to face any obstacle, even the most unexpected. It means LIFE, full of joy, sorrow, stress, opportunity, struggle and obstacles.


Draw whatever you can, in way to be really successful.


Cliff Yumba Mpiana WANE, Motivational Speaker

it is possible to succeed Study of six cases.docxit is possible to succeed Study of six cases.docx

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