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who do you trust, and why? from the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (Study of six cases)

Who do You trust, and why? From the bestseller: SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (Study of six cases)

ALERT I would like to encourage my friends from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the USA (especially from California) to get a copy of this inspiring book. 1.

Who do I Trust?

There is nothing new under the sun, which is to say that your success has already been experienced by previous generations, so that advice and suggestions of others should not be refuted systematically. Knowing what you want pushes to deal with relevant institutions, managers or people who are involved in business you plan to start shortly. On my side, I built strategic relationships with executives of Nepad, provincial governments of South Africa, ministries, those of the Presidency and finally diplomatic representatives of Pretoria. Indeed, relationship with people engaged in the business you want, is able to facilitate your integration in the area of your choice like journalism that encourages new recruits to swear by their idol. Even aspire to raise their personality to the rank of an idol. Curiously, some fail to achieve their goals because of bad environment. «Tell me whom you haunt and I'll tell you who you are ", this proverb clarifies things because bad companionship always corrupts morals. Alternatively, a brotherhood has a great impact on your future, know it today. We often recommend attending people who share same vision as you; otherwise incoherent vision injects poisonous skepticism to comprehensible vision. Ultimately, it is imperative to believe in your vision, because only visionary is able to influence people around via his commitment. In other words, behind successful men, there are always idols or special advisers. They have got significant experience in terms of success, so guiding devoted candidates is a pleasure. In addition, it is really meaningful when Africa said that «bad breath of old carries wisdom»; just to say that any experienced person, wealthy or poor remains important to who fully committed to succeed. Dreaming is simple, but realizing it requires perseverance and patience, which is why we ask people to drink water from the rock on a regular basis. It means that shocks and discouragement come from everywhere, but you have to overcome it. When burning desire of achieving a goal does not exist, people prevent relatives from doing politics. Are you sure to face every obstacle, which is related to your dream? Is that okay? Do not waste your time and energy unnecessarily... But still hold fast to allow your dream running all your actions. Therefore, banishing fear is success bedrock. To exemplify, I found myself under arrest by South African Secret Service "Scorpions», because my relationship with key institutions were uncontrollable. An ordinary alien, although Head of a registered Non Profit Organization, dealing peacefully with the Presidency, diplomatic representatives, England and Office of the National Prosecutor of the Republic raise questions: Who is behind him? What kind of relationship does he build? Is not a spy? Strangely, they were seduced by my vision, requiring them to contact all my correspondents to better extract the quintessence of our conversations. Consequently, people who did not share my vision were terribly amazed. Previous illustration shows sufficiently advantage to trust those who practice profession you want to operate daily. Be arrested and wrongfully accused are daily consequences of those who risk a lot, but hereafter, measureless success follows. Why? Trust the right person is helpful, but it is wise to scrutinize why only that person? Indeed, appearances naturally conceal the worst; reason why, in other days elders have inserted in daily “quite admissible expressions”. Moreover, it often happens that most confident people betray terribly. In order to avoid the worst, everyone should make an introspective analysis that is relying on assessment,” why to trust this person; instead of someone else”. Yes, any decision is motivated by hidden reason, but over time surrounding catches what was behind decision. So why did you choose to deal with? Did he disappoint you one day? If so, did you set up a map of consequences to come “Afterwards”? Analytically, human being must carefully analyze matter before any action; otherwise experiencing short-lived success is possible. In addition, dealing with complicated matter and unwanted result mean wisdom. «You are fired, my dear”; well, this gentleman considers me inexperienced? I see now, all of his allegations were focused on ... If I knew this malice; I should've never endorse his project. Who do I trust and why? He is a close friend to me, very wise and intelligent; are these reasons sufficient loyalty? Perhaps; but the worst is about to come. If he disappoints me, should I keep quiet? Certainly, I dealt with that institution, but the day I am fired or upset by any other decision, is my profit remarkable? Oh yes, dampen any negative shock means, as well, succeeding. Who should I attend and why call everyone because whoever frequent and one that is frequented are permanently under influence of great disappointment. However, consequences remain hitherto hidden. To this, nobody knows exactly when everything would work successfully in his life, it is possible to succeed! But it is difficult to predict the day of its full realization, although visible signs are accessible. In conclusion, it is wise to scrutinize carefully every single matter; otherwise conclusions will be irrelevant. "I 'm madly in love with her, yes, she feels exactly my pain; sincerely I firmly believe in telepathy (is this true?) ". The author can not offend a man already fully immersed in the depths of his imagination, but try to identify reasons behind any mood. Worse to come is bitter than today’s sweet statement. Who do you trust and why?

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